How many steps should you take a day?

stock-photo-20249366-back-view-of-going-young-coupleMany people nowadays are taking a more healthy approach by taking steps to stay in shape. If you are a very active person and on your feet most of the day. Traveling back and forward to many different assignments with in your work area. Your probably don’t have to worry.

How many steps should you take a day? There’s been many researchers that have study this. A very active person usually takes 10,000 steps a day. If your strides are an average of two and half feet long. That’s close to 5 miles a day.
Many people have different stride length so a smaller person who takes shorter steps will be walking less on distance but could take same amount of steps. You can increase the walking speed to get more exercise out of your walking and burn more calories.

stock-photo-43494838-family-walking-dog-through-winter-woodlandClimbing stairs is another way burning calories. Maybe taking the stairs a few times a week instead of the elevator. There are many ways to increase your step count to get to your goal.

Ten Thousand steps is not easy to take on at the beginning.This is something that you gradually get to. If your are currently taking 3000 steps a day,and you want to get t0 10,000 steps a day.

Ystock-photo-40423300-business-people-commuting-of-hong-kongou start by increasing it by 500 a day. Do that for a week until you could manage it easy. Then increase it again 500 a day for another week.That’s 4000 now .

If you can successfully accomplish this week by week basis you will get to 10000 steps around 3 months. If do the math is about an increase of 2,000 a day per month increase.

How do you count your steps?

This is done by wearing what it’s call a Pedometer. Pivotal Living Tracker 1 (2nd Generation) Black

This device you wear it to keep track of your steps.First steps you take in the morning is when you get up. So is recommended to wear it when you get up until you go back to sleep later on.

Here are  ways that can help you increase your steps a day.

If you have a dog. Walking your dog is a nice way to get start it in the morning if you are a dog owner. Change your walking routines on a daily basis. Never take the same way everyday. Have a few different choices of ways you take your walking path. An alternate them daily.

stock-photo-16306943-young-woman-with-labradorIf you like shopping when you park at a store park. Park a little further. This way you walk further to the store to gain more steps on your daily routine.

If that’s store is a few blocks away. You can increase your steps a day by walking to the store instead of driving there.

Gardening around the house another way of gaining steps a day. You know do a little weeding.

Find neighbors who are interested in walking and see if you can form a little walking group thing going in your neighborhood.


A Person with sedentary lifestyle. May average about 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day. According to A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity.

A person who lives a sedentary lifestyle may colloquially be known as a slob or couch potato. couch-potato-1319240

Sedentary activities include sitting, reading, watching television, playing video games, and computer use for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise.

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many preventable causes of death.

Screen time is the amount of time a person spends watching a screen such as a television, computer monitor, or mobile device.

Excessive screen time is linked to negative health consequences.

Engaging in a step program is great way to get some off the couch and into a little exercising. Set small goals that could be accomplish daily and slightly increase it by 1 week or 2. Taking steps is not really running or walking. But just keeping track of your steps.How many steps should you take a day? up to you. You take steps everyday anyways why not count them for a healthier you.



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How safe is your home?

How Safe are you with your Home?

This is a question that only gets answer when you have just become a victim of a break in. One of the worst feelings you can imagine. You come home thinking what your going to cook for dinner and other things on your mind.


You get Home and when you approach your door, you see that it’s open and your start feeling something is wrong. Your stomach starts to tremble and you step in the house. You just notice that you have been robbed and you feel like crap to put it politely.

First things you check is not what is worth more money but what is priceless. like a Family Jewel or item that is irreplaceable. This really sucks people. Don’t be a victim and protect yourself from what you think is not going to happen to you.

Nowadays the break ins are increasing. There’s no safe place anymore. You need to take the necessary steps to improve the security of your home and self preservation when confronted with an event you did not see for coming.

stock-photo-15466146-home-burglary-headlineYou know if you are not in the most safe place in the city. The first thing you should be thinking about getting to protect your home is a security system. When it comes to security systems you really have to do you research and see what system is right for you.

What do I mean by this? Are you single and don’t know crap about anything? Or are you the type that does everything and you know everything cause you GOOGLE it or you look in YOUTUBE for instructions.

The future of Electronic security is taking a turn into Do It Yourself security systems, One of the main reason this is possible, the advancement made in the wireless technology. Let’ not us forget the advancement in battery life power for these devices as well.

Easy installations, for some even this easy installation is not easy enough and they might require a Technician to install it. In this case you would not buy a DIY system. Your best bet will be looking for a company that will install system for you.

If the company is charging you to much for installation. i suggest you cancel and seek another company. The reason i say this. I been servicing and installing alarm systems for over 25 years. Wireless system are a cakewalk for any experience tech.

Usually when you sing up with an alarm company is for 3 to 5 year contract. There going to make over $3000 usually on an alarm contract. They can afford to pay the tech to install it and not charge you. You tell them what there getting for your signup they will comply normally and install it for free.

You have to remember something when considering a wireless system. How big is your house? These wireless devices have a range with the wireless signal. So when installing these wireless sensors you can’t have to much distance. If you keep range within 100 feet and not to many walls or obstructions in the way your good to go.


If you get system installed by a tech the best thing to do is TEST your system after the installation has been completed. Have the Technician wait before he leaves and test that everything works. You need to arm system and open every single protective area and make sure it reports properly.

Same goes if you did installation. Test system by arming it and then opening every alarm point to make sure everything is received by your alarm system. After your done testing your system call the monitoring station and make sure every signals was received.

I can help you with anything that you have a question for. If you have any questions on anything on this post please feel free to leave drop a comment or a question. Thank you



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DIY Wireless Alarm System


41zDbHHsxFLThe best wireless home security system value on the market, the 8-piece Simplisafe2 Plus Package features pre-programmed sensors that work together instantly — right out of the box — and you can install them and fully protect your home in 15 minutes or less. All systems are fully customizable, so you can start with the sensors listed in this package and add more of the sensors you need, whenever you want

.Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package


New Wireless Alarms Save You Hundreds on Set-Up

Nobody wants a stranger drilling holes in their wall — so why should you pay over $200 for messy installations? SimpliSafe is wireless and installs in minutes: all the sensors arrive pre-programmed and ready to be mounted. No tools required, now wires, no hassles.

Plus, wireless means that you can easily take your system with you, wherever life may take you next.

Sophisticated Mobile Security for Control On-the-Go

Introducing the free app that gives you total control of your security system from anywhere in the world, whether you’re at the office or out enjoying the sun with the kids. Available for iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones.

SMS and email alerts keep you informed 24/7. With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you gain the peace of mind to enjoy your day.

SimpliSafe Guarantee: No Contracts, No Risk, No Hassle

Our customers keep coming back because of our exceptional security and legendary customer support, not because of contracts and commitments. No contracts means no cancellation fees, no minimum commitments: no hassle.

What’s in the Box

One Keypad — Unlike other alarms, if a SimpliSafe keypad were smashed, the alarm would continue to function. That’s because SimpliSafe took the “brains” out of the Keypad and put them into the separate Base Station.

One Base Station — Plug-and-play, the Base Station is responsible for sending all your alarm signals to SimpliSafe’s 24/7 alarm monitoring center. Using the same cellular technology that’s in your mobile phone, it includes a SIM card that gets activated when you subscribe to the SimpliSafe alarm monitoring service.

One Motion Sensor — Detects motion within 30 feet. The sensor has a “field of vision” of 90 degrees, giving you a full range of coverage when placed in a corner.

Four Entry Sensors — The sensor detects whenever the magnet moves more than two inches away from it, so it knows whenever the door or window opens. The magnet can be placed up to 2 inches from the sensor, so sensors fit on all types of doors and windows.

One Keychain Remote — Arm and disarm your alarm with a push of a button. Set your alarm to away after you leave to protect your home. Simply press off to disarm your system as you approach your front door. Pressing the panic button alerts SimpliSafe’s Emergency Monitoring Center that you need help fast.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews-AMAZON

1,452 of 1,517 people found the following review helpful

By J_Onyx TOP 500 REVIEWER on December 3, 2012

I write this from conviction that people thinking of investing in this alarm system alternative need a more thoughtful review than the many here who quickly post a gushing review and the few who post nonsense negative reviews.1st Simplisafe is easy to install yourself and it is a quality budget alternative to the big alarm system companies (who rely on less than ethical sales methods) who relieve people of a few thousand dollars and lock them into an expensive 2 to 3 year monitoring contract.

The hardware is easy to install and get working & for less than $400 most people can seriously discourage felons from targeting their home. Simplisafe is much more up front & consumer oriented than other alarm companies BUT Simplisafe sales department does do its share of hype & exaggeration. You cannot install the sensors & motion detectors in the mindless simple way you are lead to believe. If you slap them up in a few minutes, you will regret it. Take a few minutes and determine the best places to position the sensors & detectors.

The advertising shows people just mindlessly sticking sensors and detectors around their house. Then, in response to criticism that people report their senors or detectors fell off, Simplisafe blames it on the owner for not (dah…) cleaning the area first. Even that is hype because cleaning is not enough. It’s not wise to just rely on the sticky tape for the heavier pieces, especially the keypad and the motion detectors. Simplisafe techs know this which is why each sensor has a removable installation panel with two screw holes and screws.

There are two significant flaws in the Simplisafe system which Simplisafe advertising and information tip toes around and buyers do not realize until after they buy and install their system.

Video Review By a SimpliSafe Customer


Fortress Security

715-yUC8exL._SL1500_Fortress Security Store (TM) GSM-B Wireless Cellular GSM Home Security Alarm System Auto Dial System : DIY Kit

  • All the functions of a high-end alarm monitoring system without the monthly fees!
  • Totally wireless system with built-in GMS dialer. Activates siren then dials your phone or sends a text message in case of intrusion
  • Remote monitoring. Call the system anytime and check status, remotely arm or disarm the alarm and use the intercom function
  • Dual Network. Connect the unit to both your landline and GSM simcard in case one fails.


* 1 X Main Console
* 10 X Window/Door Contacts
* 3 X Passive infrared motion detectors
* 3 X Remote control keyfobs
* 1 X Loud indoor siren (approx. 30 inch wire)
* 1 X Loud outdoor siren (includes approx. 5 ft 110v wall adapter)
* 1 X Panic Button
* 4 X Alarm Warning Stickers (two for windows, two for doors)

Product Description

 The Fortress GSM-B allows you to install a full-scale monitored alarm in your home without incurring costly monthly fees. A totally wireless system, the main console monitors the remote sensors (see below) and triggers the alarm in case of an intrusion. At the same time, it’ll send a text message or call you to notify you of a potential break-in. Enter 6 numbers to dial in case the first isn’t answered, and 3 SMS numbers. Text feature requires use of a SIM card.

The GSM-B has both landline and GMS capabilities, allowing one as a backup. In case an intruder manages to cut your landline, the system will still function with the GSM dialer. Furthermore, the alarm will automatically sound if the landline is forcibly cut and the system is armed.

Dial in to arm or disarm the system, check the status or use the built-in intercom. This allows you to talk to anyone near the main console. Intercom feature requires use of a SIM card.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews-amazon

123 of 127 people found the following review helpful

By nexuspeer on June 27, 2014

Verified Purchase

It was easy to set up (you do need to reed the included instructions, but they are easy)!
Set up took me about an hour. I did spent 15 min reading the included manual.
Then it took me another 30 min for the installation of the main unit and all the sensors.
I used my drill and just drilled all the motion sensors to the upper corners of the walls
where I needed them (screws are included). Then I attached all the door sensors the all the doors
using the included 2-sided stickers, and I added pieces of tape just in case the sticker glue doesn’t
last very long.Then I spend another 15 min for playing with the settings of the main unit – I made the settings to my liking,
including adding phone numbers for both making a phone call and sending a text in case the alarm is triggered.
I am using an AT&T SIM card. I tested it and it works great. Every time the alarm is triggered the main unit will call the number (my cell phone) and also send me a text.For thos of you wondering what kind of SIM card it is using – regular, micro or nano – it uses the regular SIM.
That info I couldn’t find anywhere online, and only found after I received the unit and opened it.Also – all sensors included in this package are per-registered to the unit. You don’t have to do anything but turn them on and they are already working with the main unit. The motion sensors have an ON/OFF button. The door sensors don’t have an ON/OFF button. You don’t have to install all included sensors, only install as many as you need. If you have some left over (not needed) just don’t put the batteries in them and/or leave them in OFF position. By the way – each sensor comes with its own battery included. If you need extra sensors just buy them separately.Read more ›

7 Comments Was this rev

99 of 103 people found the following review helpful

By JM on September 5, 2013

I purchased one of these units from directly from, and I couldn’t be happier with the product. I work nights, and my wife was nervous to stay home with the kids by herself. After comparing this system to the “big name” companies, it was really a no-brainier.With this system, you will get much more secure coverage for a fraction of the cost. The unit comes with ten wireless contacts, and THREE motion sensors. Any of the major remote-monitoring companies in my area came with two contacts and one motion sensor. Each additional window contact was $50-75, and an extra motion sensor would set you back $175, I’m not joking. Fortress, by comparison, sells additional window contacts for $13, and motion sensors for $23 (the system can handle up to 99)The ability to call and text out from the unit works flawlessly. I do not have, or want, a $30 per month land-line, and this system has the ability to use a GSM wireless card. There are plenty of options from major cell carriers, but we chose to get a SIM card from, a British-based company. There is a plan with an option to pay only for the calls/texts you use, and our monthly cost has never exceeded $5.For using the alarm while home, the siren is excruciatingly loud, and will alert ANY homeowner to an intrusion. Combine that with a firearm which is accessible, and you have excellent peace-of-mind. The system is very sensitive (in a good way), and we have yet to have a false alarm. If you are NOT home, the callout feature contacts you as soon as the alarm trips, in literally a couple seconds. You can then disable the system, listen in via your phone, or even communicate with the wall-unit. Or you can simply hang up and call police immediately.Read more ›

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Wireless mini spy cameras

41AJALwHpdL._SL500_SS115_TOTO? NEW HOT New Smallest Mini Camera Camcorder Video Dv Dvr Hidden Web Cam

Endcoding: M-JPEG | Video Resolution: 640 x 480 VGA | Video Format: AVI |Picture Format: JPG 1280*960 |Work Time: 90 Minutes| Charge Time: About 3 hours | Interface Type: mini 5 pin USB |Support TF card up to 32G

Package:- 1 x Mini DV
– 1 x Wrist Strap
– 1 x Mini USB Cable
– 1 x User manual


Most Helpful Customer Reviews-AMAZON

159 of 167 people found the following review helpful

By T. Ledoux on June 27, 2014

Color: Black-808 Verified Purchase

Hold for 3 seconds to turn on and enter standby mode; LED stays on.
Press once to take a picture; LED blinks once.
Hold for 2 seconds to start video capture; LED blinks slowly.
Press once to stop video capture; LED stays on.
Hold for 4 seconds to turn off; LED turns off.
Plug USB cable into camera and computer. LED Blinks fast as it is charging the battery.
Windows 7 automatically installs the driver for storage mode. Removable Storage shows up in Computer then you can access the pictures and videos.
While charging, press button once. Removable storage disappears, Windows 7 installs “Imaging devices->USB2.0 Device” webcam.
Download and run your favorite webcam software.
While charging, press button to toggle between “storage mode” and “webcam mode”.TROUBLESHOOTING:
You turn it on to standby mode, but the LED blinks fast 11 times then shuts off:
– Check that you have a Micro SD card inserted with the label (top) facing the lens. If you do, check that it’s formatted for FAT or FAT32. If it is, try pressing the reset button in the front near the LED. You will need a paperclip for this. Then turn it on again. If it’s still not staying on, try a different Micro SD card or charge the battery.Change the camera time:
– Plug USB cable into camera and computer. It should be in “storage mode”. Find or create the text file time.txt created on the Micro SD card and edit file and change to correct time. Example; “2012-05-01 23:59:59”. Save it then unplug. Turn it on and the time will be set.Read more ›




Most Helpful Customer Reviews -AMAZON

159 of 167 people found the following review helpful

By T. Ledoux on June 27, 2014

Color: Black-808 Verified Purchase

Hold for 3 seconds to turn on and enter standby mode; LED stays on.
Press once to take a picture; LED blinks once.
Hold for 2 seconds to start video capture; LED blinks slowly.
Press once to stop video capture; LED stays on.
Hold for 4 seconds to turn off; LED turns off.
Plug USB cable into camera and computer. LED Blinks fast as it is charging the battery.
Windows 7 automatically installs the driver for storage mode. Removable Storage shows up in Computer then you can access the pictures and videos.
While charging, press button once. Removable storage disappears, Windows 7 installs “Imaging devices->USB2.0 Device” webcam.
Download and run your favorite webcam software.
While charging, press button to toggle between “storage mode” and “webcam mode”.TROUBLESHOOTING:
You turn it on to standby mode, but the LED blinks fast 11 times then shuts off:
– Check that you have a Micro SD card inserted with the label (top) facing the lens. If you do, check that it’s formatted for FAT or FAT32. If it is, try pressing the reset button in the front near the LED. You will need a paperclip for this. Then turn it on again. If it’s still not staying on, try a different Micro SD card or charge the battery.Change the camera time:
– Plug USB cable into camera and computer. It should be in “storage mode”. Find or create the text file time.txt created on the Micro SD card and edit file and change to correct time. Example; “2012-05-01 23:59:59”. Save it then unplug. Turn it on and the time will be set.Read more ›

6 Comments Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

77 of 83 people found the following review helpful

By Dee Dee on January 24, 2014

Color: Black-808 Verified Purchase

It takes perfect pictures and video when stable. The audio picks up everything in the background with respect to the immediate talks.

2 Comments Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

53 of 57 people found the following review helpful

By Ralph on August 4, 2014

Color: Black-808

I saw the negative reviews for this but bought it anyway. My son likes making videos of trains. It was perfect. I am a little surprised by the negative comments because for the price this is a great deal. You need to have good lighting and a micro sd card but considering I think this is a good deal.

1 Comment Was this review helpful to you? Yes No

177 of 204 people found the following review helpful

By thecolor on March 12, 2013

Color: Black-808 Verified Purchase

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Choosing a Security System

Types of Security Systems

New Technology today has given the security industry an enormous ability to be more in touch with your security system in your home or business.


Alarm companies that monitor your system are sometimes located in a different state. There are also local Central Stations that are located in your state.

What kind of system do you want installed? Choosing a Security System is difficult sometimes. Maybe you want to order a, Do It Yourself kit. Or you want a professional installation.

There are some Home automation companies that offer security systems. So if you want to turn on lights and open doors. You would search for a home automation company.

Communication of your System

stock-illustration-59616118-linear-office-phone-circle-iconThere are three ways your system can communicate to your central station.  There is Broadband, Cellular or on Landlines.

Landline  communication is when your system uses a phone line to communicate to the central station. The system can be a wireless system but its only way of communicating is a landlines

Some landline system have to communicate  with a analog line and some VOIP(Voice Over IP) lines might not work with the system. Specially the older alarm systems need to detect at least 40 plus volts on the line. This type of service Apps to arm or disarm might not be available.

stock-illustration-39331876-smartphone-apps-infographics Cellular system uses a cellular connection to communicate to the central station.   Personally  i think this option is the best. There is no way the thief can cut your alarm communication.

Most of the time nowadays you get a free app for your smartphone to control alarm system. The app communicates to your alarm system thru your cellular connection on alarm system.



Broadband when alarm is triggered sends a signal through your cable or broadband connection.  faster then landline but not as reliable as cellular.

The Broadband leader of alarm system is Comcast. they offer many features with there system. There app includes cameras as well. Arming and disarming . Lock and unlock doors and other automated services.

How do you want your Alarm system installed?

Professional installation you would pay  more but you know the system would get installed correctly. A alarm system has to be installed properly in order for it to function correctly.  False alarm can become costly if the alarm system is sending erroneous signals.

Motion detectors installed facing windows can cause false alarms. Some motion detectors send an alarm when trigger by a sudden change of temperature. Like sun heating up the window on a warm summer afternoon.


Installer would know what would be best for that opening he is protecting.  Some installation don’t go as planed sometimes and troubleshooting is required. That’s when a Pro comes in handy.

This type of installation usually requires you to have some one home on the day of the installation.

DIY installation  the best thing about it you don’t get charge for installation . You can install it with out taking a day off work. On a weekend at night when ever.


Sometimes this type of installation they charge you more for the equipment. There is only a few companies that provide this type of installation.

So its kind up to you when choosing the installation type. Make the right choice or seek professional advise.Choosing a Security System is important.Choosing a the right Security System  is a Must.

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Be Aware of Home Security Scams

 stock-illustration-45355880-set-of-stampsYou want to feel your safe at home. You know having a reliable security system is on your list to do. So if a Salesman all of a sudden shows up at your door, offering you a security system with a convincing sales pitch you tend to jump right on it with out checking first.

But be aware security systems that security salesman has to offer. The FTC(Federal Trade Commission) The nation’s consumer protection agency. The state attorney as well are warning you to be aware of these sales people tactics.

Before you let anyone in your home. You must first ask for an I.D. with there picture and name on it. Many states and cities you are supposed to get an alarm system certification to be able to sell security systems or work on them.

One ofCaptureqwqw the main reason this form of certification was created. People were impersonating an alarm salesman and then returning back and robbing people.

For Example in Florida i have two Alarm System Agent Card. One for Fire and one for Burglar Alarms. You must attend a renewal course every 2 years. So you have to make sure you check ID’s and licenses are up to date.

How to know if your getting scammed

Usually salespeople will use a variety of ways to persuade you to buy there alarm system and there monitoring services. Most of these salesman that try to scam you have no guilty conscience what so ever. Here is some tactics they use:

  • One of the commend ways is the “YOU NEED TO ACT NOW”. or ‘FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY AND YOU GET IT FOR FREE”. First of all, none of it is for free.  Usually is either increased in your monthly bill to pay for it. Then with it they increase you contract term. for example . from 3 to 5 years. So at the end you pay more interest.
  • They will try to pressure you in many different ways. They might refuse to leave. It’s not impolite to ask a salesman out of your house. If he refuses to leave and you feel trap. Call the Police.
  • Another way is they try to scare you and tell about robberies in your area that really haven’t occur.
  • If you have a sign outside your house that you have a security system, Some door to door salesman knock on your door and claim there from your alarm company and there upgrading your system. They will put a different system and make you sign a long term contract.
  • Other things they might say is,your company has gone under and we are taking over the account.

How do i know the Alarm company is legit?

There’s a few ways to check if the company or person you are dealing with is a real company or not. The FTC and Attorney General urge you to ask the following questions:

  • Contractor’s name
  • Street address (no P.O. Box)
  • Telephone number
  • Contractor’s license number
  • State that issued the license
  • Name under which the license is filed

If they don’t want to fork over that type of information. Then is time you raise your red flag and ask them to please leave your premises.If they do give you information. Use these links to check there information:


usa_logo_white_with_bg xnascla_logo.png.pagespeed.ic.JEuUWuNerj



Type of Home Security system Do you Want?

First thing you should do is as close friends,co-workers,neighbors and relatives if they heard of the companies you are currently researching and ask what alarm companies they have. And if they don’t mind telling you a little about them. Try to dig as much information about the company you are looking into doing business with.

Get written estimates of what is going to cost you to install system and monthly fee. Make sure you always read those little star quotes in the fine print. Ask a lot of questions and you always check what the other companies are offering.

Have they had any false alarm issues and how has the company dealt with it? Did they charge for coming to service the alarm?If they did how much was it?

I have been servicing alarm system for more then 25+ years. The most common thing i saw in the home security world was the poor training that was given after the initial installation.

Many times installers do a great job but forget the little thing like teaching the customer everything about the system. Not just how to turn it on and off. Make sure the company doing the installation is license to do so. Check with the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies for the agency in your state.xnascla_logo.png.pagespeed.ic.JEuUWuNerj

Make sure you check how long your signing a contract for. Most monitoring contracts do not include a service plan. Service plans are usually offer with a different form if not included with your monitoring.

If you sign a service contract. ask if it covers after hour service. Most service contracts are only Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If does not cover after hours service,how much does the after hour service cost?

Make sure your system has a battery back up for Power failures. If the house looses Power your security system is backed up by batteries to keep security system running. Does your company offer services like smoke and fire detection, remote control, video surveillance, email notifications and special apps for smart phones?hand-with-app

In some cities you must register alarm with the county or the police department. You would have to check with your local authorities and see what are your options. Remember there’s laws that protect you. After you sign a contract many times you have up to 3 days to cancel it before it goes into effect.

You don’t have to give a reason either. Check with your state laws and the consumer protection agency, Make sure you ask salesman what if you want to cancel within that period.

There’s ways you can avoid all this. By installing a do it yourself alarm system. Wireless systems are more reliable then ever. Very easy to install. You don’t have to take a day off.


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How to Prevent CyberBullying.

How To Prevent CyberBullying.

In Reality you can’t ever prevent Cyber bullying .But you can take certain precautions and educate yourself.First thing identify the different forms of Cyber Bullying. Understand the different ways it can happen . Always remember that the Internet is Public.

verbal_abuse_by_emobunny07-d3bnq4vWay to look at it is ,if you are in a room full of strangers and people you know well.You would not say something stupid in the room or anything that can embarrass you or someone else.

Then don’t say it Online! Google never Forgives or Forget remember that. Please be careful what you put out there in messages, Do not share personal information that can be share or looked at by other people.

bullOn your Social networking sites check your privacy settings.This is so you can control who sees and what you don’t want seen.

You need to check privacy settings often due to ever changing internet policies.

Never share private information. Like details about yourself. Phone number,school or address.

The only person who should know your password is you and  the same people who put you in this World.Your Parents.

Don’t ever give your password away. Remember no internet service is ever going to send you a message asking for your password.

Educate yourself and others and share knowledge with your friends every where you go. Online ,at gatherings,

You can post it on your social sites. If you are witnessing a person being cyber-bully ,you should speak out . at this point you would need to encourage the friend being bully..


We have to set certain rules at home to make sure Kids don’t fall victims to cyber-bullying.

If you know a Child that’s being cyber-bully,tell them to seek out an adult immediately so they can do something about it.

Don’t get involve with any discussion online that can potentially involve you as a bully and you end up on the wrong side of the argument.

Video Full Movie On Cyberbully from Channel 4 Posted by legendofme26


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Cyber Security

stock-photo-31068622-safety-concept-cyber-security-on-digital-backgroundCybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, the term security implies cybersecurity.

The New Cyber criminals have now ways to get backed up by Criminal organizations and or radical political groups.

Today’s Cyber criminal have more resources available to plan an Attack and have more technical knowledge. Most of these groups are not motivated by money alone.They are better organized and have funds available to them in many different ways.

stock-photo-3413560-teen-boy-in-the-darkThis is not just a kid in the basement breaking into big corporations for kicks and giggles.

New criminals know what to do with the stolen data they just got a hold of. The kid in the basement would not know what to do with that data.

Criminal organization knows exactly what to do or who to sell stolen intellectual property to on the gray or black market. Criminal organizations and nation-states have far greater financial resources than independent individuals.

Some of these organizations would look like a legitimate business with an office. Equipped with cubicles for computer operators( Cyber-criminals Station).  A receptionist to take calls from customer there scamming.That phone number they just called probably changes the next day.stock-photo-42016610-group-of-business-people-discussing-network-security

Not only do we face more sophisticated adversaries today, but the types of information of value to them are continually expanding as well.

These groups can do interesting things with the most seemingly innocuous bits of information.

The way attack strategies are design nowadays is not a direct attack against a high value server.

The new cyber criminal attacks a certain individual on the server there planning to break into. This is done by getting an individual to click an infested link.

stock-photo-31670732-hacker-programing-in-technology-enviroment-with-cyber-iconsResulting in the users computer getting infected by malware . At this point the malware acts as a control point so the attacker can gain root access to users  computers.

This malware most likely be running in the background. The attacker now has a control point inside the network. Allowing to further expand there attack.

“The key here is that instead of malware and network exploits being separate disciplines as they were in the past, they are now integrated into an ongoing process”.’ Key components of the advanced attack strategy include infection, persistence, communication, and command and control.”  …Resource: Cybersecurity For Dummies, Palo Alto Networks

Once the attacker has a hold of the shell access. First thing they do is exploit the target. After this, they deliver the malware in the background through the app that’s open already or connection.

stock-photo-42348230-virus-attackIn fact, based on its own research, Palo Alto Networks has found that as much as 90 percent of unknown or targeted malware capable of avoiding traditional antivirus technology is delivered from real-time web applications as opposed to corporate e-mail.

Normally attacks that are targeted will develop its own unique type of malware. Since these attacks are specifically customized for that specific target.These attacks are hard to detect. They avoid security by avoiding traditional antivirus detection.

The Primary role of malware attacks plays a central role in the attackers arsenal. An the life cycle of the attack. Cyber criminals have found waysstock-photo-62866222-malware-wordcloud-concept-illustration to deliver malware undetected. Hiding malware communications (with encryption), and avoiding traditional signature-based detection.

These attacks are sophisticated but they do have there vulnerabilities of their own. Today’s threats are networked threats that need your network to communicate. If a threat can’t communicate, the attack can be largely neutralized.

Also there is numerous opportunities exist in your network to detect. The fact that the attack has multiple steps to accomplish full attack.  If an attacker can infect targets, persist on, communicate with, and manage infected hosts, then the attacker can do almost anything.

Organizations need to focus on expanding visibility beyond the network perimeter — both inward and outward. This is best accomplished with network segmentation and a next-generation firewall to enforce central controls on internal and external (such as remote and mobile access) network traffic.

stock-photo-23331063-cyber-attack-headline The sky is NOT falling! Today’s threats are not so advanced that they are impossible to control. They are not completely new, just more common and better organized. Solutions do exist, and organizations can adopt best practices and adapt to changes in the threat landscape. Don’t fall into a trap. The attackers have evolved, but security has as well.





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Resource: Cybersecurity For Dummies, Palo Alto

Summer Firework Safety

Summer is here and its warmer then ever. Parents keep the fun in summer by keeping your child safe under the sun, the water, and the great outdoors.

With the Fourth of July coming up .Summer can be a fun time with great memories. So this is the time to make sure everyone in the family is aware of Fireworks safety.


Firework Safety

Fireworks can cause serious injuries if not handle properly.You can get burn and you can have some serious eye injuries as well.


To me the number one way to stay  safe from fireworks and protect your family is not to use any fireworks at home — period.

Attend public fireworks displays, and leave the lighting to the professionals.

In some areas you are not allowed to. Make sure you check with your local police department. Sometimes if there’s a bad drought and fire can easily start. They will not allowed fireworks to be used.

 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Kids should never play with fireworks.If you give kids sparklers, make sure they keep them outside and away from the face, clothing, and hair. Sparklers can reach 1,800°F (982°C) — hot enough to melt gold.Fireworks-Safety-Tips-628x290
  • Make Sure Fireworks you buy are legal. Firework that is legal,will have a label with the manufacturer’s name and directions.
  • Illegal ones are usually called some crazy names like the Doubleheader or M1000.These explosives were banned in 1966, but still account for many fireworks injuries.
  • Steer clear of others — fireworks have been known to backfire or shoot off in the wrong direction
  • Don’t hold fireworks in your hand or have any part of your body over them while lighting
  • Point fireworks away from homes, and keep away from brush and leaves and flammable substances. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that local fire departments respond to more 50,000 fires caused by fireworks each year.
  • Soak all fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them in the trash can.
  • Think about your pet. Animals have sensitive ears and can be extremely frightened or stressed on the Fourth of July


  • Never try to make your own fireworks.
  • Never throw or point fireworks at someone.
  • Wear some sort of eye protection, and avoid carrying fireworks in your pocket
  • Don’t allow kids to pick up pieces of fireworks after an event
  • Light one firework at a time (not in glass or metal containers), and never relight a dud

If a child is injured by fireworks, immediately go to a doctor or hospital. If an eye injury occurs, don’t allow your child to touch or rub it, as this may cause even more damage.


Also, don’t flush the eye out with water or attempt to put any ointment on it.

Instead, cut out the bottom of a paper cup, place it around the eye, and immediately seek medical attention — your child’s eyesight may depend on it.

Fireworks are meant to be enjoyed, but you’ll enjoy them much more knowing your family is safe. Take extra precautions this Fourth of July and your holiday will be a Great Time.


Click here for a Free Firework Safety Sheet (PDF FILE Download)


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What is a Verified Security System?

Most alarm companies that have Monitoring center. Usually received signals from your Home or Business security systems.

When the alarm has been activated from a  particular door,window or some other type of interior alarm sensor.

security-alarm-701675-mIn order to verify that signal, they call the Home or Business to see if it is a False alarm or not.

If you answer the phone they will ask you for a password. If you say the wrong word, the Police unit will get dispatched.

Or if you don’t answer the phone the Police gets dispatched.

After the Monitoring center gets no answer from you, there sending the police assuming there is a real break in.

But there not really sure ,because you didn’t answer the phone and told them it was a false alarm.

cat-burglar-788940-sMaybe a window or door was left unlocked or  ajar just a bit to for the wind to blow it open  and there goes your alarm.

Sometimes Pets have to do with some of your false alarms. Like our cat burglar on the right.

A Verify Security System is more efficient when it comes determining if the signal is a false alarm.

The way a signal gets verify is either by Audio verification or Visual verification.

Audio Verification

Audio Verification is done by using Impact or Glass break Audio sensors that activate once it hears noise or glass is broken.

As soon as this happens the Security System alerts the Monitoring Center and they start listening for any suspicious sounds.

Then they decide if they need to alert the Police once they get Verification that there is a unauthorized person at the premises.

Visual Verification

indexVisual Verification is done with cameras. Some Monitoring Centers offer this service.

Very low percentage. Most of them offer the ability for you to see your own cameras via your phone app.

But there’s is no alarm system to activate and alert you,when you need to look at them.

The Monitoring center are monitoring your alarm system.

The way visual verification is done by installing Motion sensor or a Photo Beam that gets activated when an intruder goes by the area cover by the sensors.

Once this happens. The Alarm system alerts the video server onsite to start recording event. The event gets to the Monitoring Center with an Alarm signal including Video clip.

Verified Video Captures Criminal in the Act! This video was capture by the leader in Verified Security over 155,000 Arrest by Sonitrol Systems.

This Particular video was from Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. Check the 10 second clip transmitted via cellular to the monitoring center.

Verified video intrusion detection system catches thief stealing equipment from customer’s facility!

Within minutes, the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrived to apprehend the individual, and immediately return the stolen goods to the owner of the location.

Powered by 2-year batteries, and requiring no telephone line, this system installs quickly and is extremely effective in catching criminals.

Now you know the difference between a verified system and a non verified system. If you have any questions or comments.

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