How to Prevent CyberBullying.

How To Prevent CyberBullying.

In Reality you can’t ever prevent Cyber bullying .But you can take certain precautions and educate yourself.First thing identify the different forms of Cyber Bullying. Understand the different ways it can happen . Always remember that the Internet is Public.

verbal_abuse_by_emobunny07-d3bnq4vWay to look at it is ,if you are in a room full of strangers and people you know well.You would not say something stupid in the room or anything that can embarrass you or someone else.

Then don’t say it Online! Google never Forgives or Forget remember that. Please be careful what you put out there in messages, Do not share personal information that can be share or looked at by other people.

bullOn your Social networking sites check your privacy settings.This is so you can control who sees and what you don’t want seen.

You need to check privacy settings often due to ever changing internet policies.

Never share private information. Like details about yourself. Phone number,school or address.

The only person who should know your password is you and  the same people who put you in this World.Your Parents.

Don’t ever give your password away. Remember no internet service is ever going to send you a message asking for your password.

Educate yourself and others and share knowledge with your friends every where you go. Online ,at gatherings,

You can post it on your social sites. If you are witnessing a person being cyber-bully ,you should speak out . at this point you would need to encourage the friend being bully..


We have to set certain rules at home to make sure Kids don’t fall victims to cyber-bullying.

If you know a Child that’s being cyber-bully,tell them to seek out an adult immediately so they can do something about it.

Don’t get involve with any discussion online that can potentially involve you as a bully and you end up on the wrong side of the argument.

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