Choosing a Security System

Types of Security Systems

New Technology today has given the security industry an enormous ability to be more in touch with your security system in your home or business.


Alarm companies that monitor your system are sometimes located in a different state. There are also local Central Stations that are located in your state.

What kind of system do you want installed? Choosing a Security System is difficult sometimes. Maybe you want to order a, Do It Yourself kit. Or you want a professional installation.

There are some Home automation companies that offer security systems. So if you want to turn on lights and open doors. You would search for a home automation company.

Communication of your System

stock-illustration-59616118-linear-office-phone-circle-iconThere are three ways your system can communicate to your central station.  There is Broadband, Cellular or on Landlines.

Landline  communication is when your system uses a phone line to communicate to the central station. The system can be a wireless system but its only way of communicating is a landlines

Some landline system have to communicate  with a analog line and some VOIP(Voice Over IP) lines might not work with the system. Specially the older alarm systems need to detect at least 40 plus volts on the line. This type of service Apps to arm or disarm might not be available.

stock-illustration-39331876-smartphone-apps-infographics Cellular system uses a cellular connection to communicate to the central station.   Personally  i think this option is the best. There is no way the thief can cut your alarm communication.

Most of the time nowadays you get a free app for your smartphone to control alarm system. The app communicates to your alarm system thru your cellular connection on alarm system.



Broadband when alarm is triggered sends a signal through your cable or broadband connection.  faster then landline but not as reliable as cellular.

The Broadband leader of alarm system is Comcast. they offer many features with there system. There app includes cameras as well. Arming and disarming . Lock and unlock doors and other automated services.

How do you want your Alarm system installed?

Professional installation you would pay  more but you know the system would get installed correctly. A alarm system has to be installed properly in order for it to function correctly.  False alarm can become costly if the alarm system is sending erroneous signals.

Motion detectors installed facing windows can cause false alarms. Some motion detectors send an alarm when trigger by a sudden change of temperature. Like sun heating up the window on a warm summer afternoon.


Installer would know what would be best for that opening he is protecting.  Some installation don’t go as planed sometimes and troubleshooting is required. That’s when a Pro comes in handy.

This type of installation usually requires you to have some one home on the day of the installation.

DIY installation  the best thing about it you don’t get charge for installation . You can install it with out taking a day off work. On a weekend at night when ever.


Sometimes this type of installation they charge you more for the equipment. There is only a few companies that provide this type of installation.

So its kind up to you when choosing the installation type. Make the right choice or seek professional advise.Choosing a Security System is important.Choosing a the right Security System  is a Must.

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2 Replies to “Choosing a Security System”

  1. Your site is full of good information when it comes to security and safety. You have it all nice and organized.
    i was able to easily navigate thru your page. Did not know what a verified system was or how to choose a security system. I feel more prepare now. Thanks for the great tips again.


    1. I’ve been an Alarm tech for a long time. I’m just sharing some information of something i worked all my life on.
      There’s man different types of Alarm systems out there. You have to make sure you pick what is right for you.
      Usually a security rep or consultant should be able to know. Thank you for your comments.

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