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Before you buy a House you should always research the neighborhood. Usually friends you have at work is way good way
to get advise on what areas of town to look in.
I suggest you look in this website www.crimemapping.com This site is to determine neighborhood crime statistics.

blue eye crime watch Check the House for Security.  Make sure All windows and doorshave proper locking mechanism.

Check patio doors and sliders. Balcony doors secure?

After you move in. You might want to walk around neighborhood and meet your new neighbors. Making friends with neighbors is important. They can watch your home when you are away.

Don’t give out too much personal information to the neighbors, at least not until you know them.

Now you Look for a Security System. An alarm in your home can give you piece of mind as a homeowner.

Make sure Motion detectors are installed properly and you have adequate Glass breakage  coverage. Not all system that come with the house have this protection. If you didn’t get Glass coverage with system get it installed.


If you can afford to get a video surveillance system. I highly recommend getting one.  sometimes scare off potential thieves.

But remember having a camera system only is not enough to keep your home secure. Some Thieves can spot cameras and disable them.



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