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Safety and Security Tips (personal safety)


Safety Afoot: The streets could feel like your walking in the jungle. So you need to be prepared for danger. Here’s How

  • Don’t be fooled by appearances. Not every criminal is an unshaven wild eyed freak. Treat every stranger as just that -a stranger and could be a lethal one.
  • Walk with a Buddy.There’s strength in numbers,so walk with a friend whenever possible. Especially at night and when using outdoor cash machines.
  • Vary your route.  Don’t walk the same way all the time.  Change your route slightly everyday. Criminals observe patterns try not to create any.
  • Dress For Speed. NO High Heels or tight skirts allowed. If you have to wear impractical stuff,carry it in some kind of tote bag. Then change when you get to your destination. The best way to avoid an attack is to flee,and your chances of outrunning an assailant are increased if you dress appropriately.
  • Don’t parade your purse. It’s what most criminals look for first, so make yours as inconspicuous as possible. Shoulder bags are less snatchable then hand-held ones.  But it is still best to wear purse under your coat or at the very least slung diagonally across your chest with the flap turned toward your body.
  • Guard your jewels. Even junk jewelry can make you a more attractive target. Carry jewelry in your pocket,and don’t put it on until you get where you’re going.
  • Exude an Attitude.  Most attackers will choose a victim because they look vulnerable,so make sure you appear confident.Even cocky.  Always walk with a strong steady gait and hold your head up and look around to show you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Make a Spectacle of yourself.  What if you notice someone following you? Don’t be afraid to make a scene Walk in the middle of the street if you have to. Better be a traffic nuisance then a mugging victim.
  • Pack some Pepper spray.Carry a canister of 10% pepper spray. That would stop anyone attacking you. Any gadget that you can carry that can save your life.

Sacrifice your possessions,not your Life. Whether it’s your purse,jewelry,or even your car that criminal wants,just give it up.Then get out of there as fast as you can. Possessions are replaceable you aren’t. An other reason to fork over quickly is to avoid escalating demands.Many assailants first want money ,then your watch. Avoid this and simply by complying to his first demand and then hightailing it.

Never Get into a assailants car. Scream,kick,yell”FIRE”(people respond to this more then just help) do what you have to but never allow yourself to be taken  Cause all he is trying to do is take you to a secondary crime scene. If he only wanted to rob you he’d do it where you are.If he takes you somewhere else it would likely be a one way trip.


Under Lock and Key. Keeping doors and windows locked is an obvious and simple way to prevent break ins.Here’s the right way to keep your home locked up tight.-

Make sure outside doors are solid.Your outside doors including the ones between your house and garage and between the living quarters and the basement. Make sure door is 1 and3/4 inch thickness of metal or wood. Hinges should be on the inside,so an intruder can’t unscrew them.

Say you mean business with dead bolts. Few  standard door locks are designed to resist the efforts of a break in artist. so  dead bolts are a must.

Secure your sliding doors. Install a commercially available patio door lock.

Keep your garage doors closed and locked at all times.Park your car in the garage. It’s Easier for a thief to take a vehicle that’s sitting outside. What is more,if you’ve got an expensive car,a burglar’s likely to think your home is worth looting.

Hide Keys Wisely or better yet not at all. Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor,friend or relative. Don’t hide key under mat,mailbox or above the door.

Keep all windows locked at all times. If you want added security install metal window bars. Warning: Make sure they can be easily remove from the inside in case of a Fire.

Lock up all Valuables. Don’t leave toys,lawn equipment or tools outside.


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