How safe is your home?

How Safe are you with your Home?

This is a question that only gets answer when you have just become a victim of a break in. One of the worst feelings you can imagine. You come home thinking what your going to cook for dinner and other things on your mind.


You get Home and when you approach your door, you see that it’s open and your start feeling something is wrong. Your stomach starts to tremble and you step in the house. You just notice that you have been robbed and you feel like crap to put it politely.

First things you check is not what is worth more money but what is priceless. like a Family Jewel or item that is irreplaceable. This really sucks people. Don’t be a victim and protect yourself from what you think is not going to happen to you.

Nowadays the break ins are increasing. There’s no safe place anymore. You need to take the necessary steps to improve the security of your home and self preservation when confronted with an event you did not see for coming.

stock-photo-15466146-home-burglary-headlineYou know if you are not in the most safe place in the city. The first thing you should be thinking about getting to protect your home is a security system. When it comes to security systems you really have to do you research and see what system is right for you.

What do I mean by this? Are you single and don’t know crap about anything? Or are you the type that does everything and you know everything cause you GOOGLE it or you look in YOUTUBE for instructions.

The future of Electronic security is taking a turn into Do It Yourself security systems, One of the main reason this is possible, the advancement made in the wireless technology. Let’ not us forget the advancement in battery life power for these devices as well.

Easy installations, for some even this easy installation is not easy enough and they might require a Technician to install it. In this case you would not buy a DIY system. Your best bet will be looking for a company that will install system for you.

If the company is charging you to much for installation. i suggest you cancel and seek another company. The reason i say this. I been servicing and installing alarm systems for over 25 years. Wireless system are a cakewalk for any experience tech.

Usually when you sing up with an alarm company is for 3 to 5 year contract. There going to make over $3000 usually on an alarm contract. They can afford to pay the tech to install it and not charge you. You tell them what there getting for your signup they will comply normally and install it for free.

You have to remember something when considering a wireless system. How big is your house? These wireless devices have a range with the wireless signal. So when installing these wireless sensors you can’t have to much distance. If you keep range within 100 feet and not to many walls or obstructions in the way your good to go.


If you get system installed by a tech the best thing to do is TEST your system after the installation has been completed. Have the Technician wait before he leaves and test that everything works. You need to arm system and open every single protective area and make sure it reports properly.

Same goes if you did installation. Test system by arming it and then opening every alarm point to make sure everything is received by your alarm system. After your done testing your system call the monitoring station and make sure every signals was received.

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