Choosing a Security System

Types of Security Systems

New Technology today has given the security industry an enormous ability to be more in touch with your security system in your home or business.


Alarm companies that monitor your system are sometimes located in a different state. There are also local Central Stations that are located in your state.

What kind of system do you want installed? Choosing a Security System is difficult sometimes. Maybe you want to order a, Do It Yourself kit. Or you want a professional installation.

There are some Home automation companies that offer security systems. So if you want to turn on lights and open doors. You would search for a home automation company.

Communication of your System

stock-illustration-59616118-linear-office-phone-circle-iconThere are three ways your system can communicate to your central station.  There is Broadband, Cellular or on Landlines.

Landline  communication is when your system uses a phone line to communicate to the central station. The system can be a wireless system but its only way of communicating is a landlines

Some landline system have to communicate  with a analog line and some VOIP(Voice Over IP) lines might not work with the system. Specially the older alarm systems need to detect at least 40 plus volts on the line. This type of service Apps to arm or disarm might not be available.

stock-illustration-39331876-smartphone-apps-infographics Cellular system uses a cellular connection to communicate to the central station.   Personally  i think this option is the best. There is no way the thief can cut your alarm communication.

Most of the time nowadays you get a free app for your smartphone to control alarm system. The app communicates to your alarm system thru your cellular connection on alarm system.



Broadband when alarm is triggered sends a signal through your cable or broadband connection.  faster then landline but not as reliable as cellular.

The Broadband leader of alarm system is Comcast. they offer many features with there system. There app includes cameras as well. Arming and disarming . Lock and unlock doors and other automated services.

How do you want your Alarm system installed?

Professional installation you would pay  more but you know the system would get installed correctly. A alarm system has to be installed properly in order for it to function correctly.  False alarm can become costly if the alarm system is sending erroneous signals.

Motion detectors installed facing windows can cause false alarms. Some motion detectors send an alarm when trigger by a sudden change of temperature. Like sun heating up the window on a warm summer afternoon.


Installer would know what would be best for that opening he is protecting.  Some installation don’t go as planed sometimes and troubleshooting is required. That’s when a Pro comes in handy.

This type of installation usually requires you to have some one home on the day of the installation.

DIY installation  the best thing about it you don’t get charge for installation . You can install it with out taking a day off work. On a weekend at night when ever.


Sometimes this type of installation they charge you more for the equipment. There is only a few companies that provide this type of installation.

So its kind up to you when choosing the installation type. Make the right choice or seek professional advise.Choosing a Security System is important.Choosing a the right Security System  is a Must.

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What is a Verified Security System?

Most alarm companies that have Monitoring center. Usually received signals from your Home or Business security systems.

When the alarm has been activated from a  particular door,window or some other type of interior alarm sensor.

security-alarm-701675-mIn order to verify that signal, they call the Home or Business to see if it is a False alarm or not.

If you answer the phone they will ask you for a password. If you say the wrong word, the Police unit will get dispatched.

Or if you don’t answer the phone the Police gets dispatched.

After the Monitoring center gets no answer from you, there sending the police assuming there is a real break in.

But there not really sure ,because you didn’t answer the phone and told them it was a false alarm.

cat-burglar-788940-sMaybe a window or door was left unlocked or  ajar just a bit to for the wind to blow it open  and there goes your alarm.

Sometimes Pets have to do with some of your false alarms. Like our cat burglar on the right.

A Verify Security System is more efficient when it comes determining if the signal is a false alarm.

The way a signal gets verify is either by Audio verification or Visual verification.

Audio Verification

Audio Verification is done by using Impact or Glass break Audio sensors that activate once it hears noise or glass is broken.

As soon as this happens the Security System alerts the Monitoring Center and they start listening for any suspicious sounds.

Then they decide if they need to alert the Police once they get Verification that there is a unauthorized person at the premises.

Visual Verification

indexVisual Verification is done with cameras. Some Monitoring Centers offer this service.

Very low percentage. Most of them offer the ability for you to see your own cameras via your phone app.

But there’s is no alarm system to activate and alert you,when you need to look at them.

The Monitoring center are monitoring your alarm system.

The way visual verification is done by installing Motion sensor or a Photo Beam that gets activated when an intruder goes by the area cover by the sensors.

Once this happens. The Alarm system alerts the video server onsite to start recording event. The event gets to the Monitoring Center with an Alarm signal including Video clip.

Verified Video Captures Criminal in the Act! This video was capture by the leader in Verified Security over 155,000 Arrest by Sonitrol Systems.

This Particular video was from Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. Check the 10 second clip transmitted via cellular to the monitoring center.

Verified video intrusion detection system catches thief stealing equipment from customer’s facility!

Within minutes, the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrived to apprehend the individual, and immediately return the stolen goods to the owner of the location.

Powered by 2-year batteries, and requiring no telephone line, this system installs quickly and is extremely effective in catching criminals.

Now you know the difference between a verified system and a non verified system. If you have any questions or comments.

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Wireless burglar alarm systems

In the Old days wireless Burglar alarm systems. Where not really relied on. The Batteries would run out quicker then the alarm company told you it would.

If the neighbor down the street had the same House Id on there wireless system. Your door would trigger his alarm and his door could trigger yours.

When your testing the system and cops show up to the neighbors house. That is when you knew you had the wrong house id. You need it to change it right of way.

But today with Technology we don’t have that problem. Every single wireless device that’s used in Today’s wireless Burglar Alarm systems.

Has it’s own unique Serial Number. There are many different types of wireless devices from different manufacturers.

41zDbHHsxFLBut normally the alarm system your are installing or getting installed. Only works with certain type wireless devices.

Transmitters provide the most reliable, convenient and cost effective solutions for security protection.

These devices are powerful and versatile enough to help solve even the toughest, most labor intensive installations.

With a demonstrated outdoor range of over a mile. (Based On the 5800 series Sensor from Honeywell)

Most transmitters come with 2 zones.One zone is a hardwired input terminal where you insert wires from door or window contacts.

The other zone is usually just a magnet next to transmitter. Reed switch is located on the wireless sensor board.Close to the edge inside the transmitter.
Wireless Motion work a little different then transmitters. Since there job is to detect motion. They have  to conserve battery life more then a normal door sensor. Door sensor only transmits when the door or window is open.

5800PIR-RES-1Wireless motion detector transmits when motion is detected.

But after it sends the signal,the motion detector turns itself off for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes the motion comes back in the stand by type mode waiting for motion again, before it transmits the signal again.

Depending on the brand of motion your using. Times will vary and the way it operates to.



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