What is a Verified Security System?

Most alarm companies that have Monitoring center. Usually received signals from your Home or Business security systems.

When the alarm has been activated from a  particular door,window or some other type of interior alarm sensor.

security-alarm-701675-mIn order to verify that signal, they call the Home or Business to see if it is a False alarm or not.

If you answer the phone they will ask you for a password. If you say the wrong word, the Police unit will get dispatched.

Or if you don’t answer the phone the Police gets dispatched.

After the Monitoring center gets no answer from you, there sending the police assuming there is a real break in.

But there not really sure ,because you didn’t answer the phone and told them it was a false alarm.

cat-burglar-788940-sMaybe a window or door was left unlocked or  ajar just a bit to for the wind to blow it open  and there goes your alarm.

Sometimes Pets have to do with some of your false alarms. Like our cat burglar on the right.

A Verify Security System is more efficient when it comes determining if the signal is a false alarm.

The way a signal gets verify is either by Audio verification or Visual verification.

Audio Verification

Audio Verification is done by using Impact or Glass break Audio sensors that activate once it hears noise or glass is broken.

As soon as this happens the Security System alerts the Monitoring Center and they start listening for any suspicious sounds.

Then they decide if they need to alert the Police once they get Verification that there is a unauthorized person at the premises.

Visual Verification

indexVisual Verification is done with cameras. Some Monitoring Centers offer this service.

Very low percentage. Most of them offer the ability for you to see your own cameras via your phone app.

But there’s is no alarm system to activate and alert you,when you need to look at them.

The Monitoring center are monitoring your alarm system.

The way visual verification is done by installing Motion sensor or a Photo Beam that gets activated when an intruder goes by the area cover by the sensors.

Once this happens. The Alarm system alerts the video server onsite to start recording event. The event gets to the Monitoring Center with an Alarm signal including Video clip.

Verified Video Captures Criminal in the Act! This video was capture by the leader in Verified Security over 155,000 Arrest by Sonitrol Systems.

This Particular video was from Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. Check the 10 second clip transmitted via cellular to the monitoring center.

Verified video intrusion detection system catches thief stealing equipment from customer’s facility!

Within minutes, the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrived to apprehend the individual, and immediately return the stolen goods to the owner of the location.

Powered by 2-year batteries, and requiring no telephone line, this system installs quickly and is extremely effective in catching criminals.

Now you know the difference between a verified system and a non verified system. If you have any questions or comments.

Please feel free to drop a comment below and tell us what you think.

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9 Replies to “What is a Verified Security System?”

  1. Hi David, I find your site very informative, I have been in the security field for twelve plus years. I left it in 2000 but still try to keep abreast of new developments. I was not familiar with the verified system. I will surely be visiting your site again. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you very much Bruce appreciate your feedback.For a long time verification system have been around but more geared
      to commercial establishments. But now police see the benefits of a verify system.There is 27 cities that only respond to
      verified systems. More are going to join. Thank you again for your comments.

    1. Verified system have been around for 30 years or so. The system was mainly built for Commercial establishments.
      It reduces the False Alarms more then any other system in the world. Many cities around the United States are only responding
      to Verified signals only. In Time if the modern alarm system doesn’t switch over to a verified system. They might be obsolete if
      more police departments do the same.Thank you for your comments. Visit us again.
      Best Regards,

  2. David,

    Very interesting article. I have been looking into getting an alarm system for my home and will be using your site as a reference. I would also like to try and find one that will give me some home automation. Do you have any particular set up that you would recommend for me?


    1. Well it all depends on what kind of set up your looking to install. Hard wire or wireless. Wireless devices actually work good with new technology. Batteries are lithium and last up to 5 years. I’m very familiar with Honeywell systems. They have a Total connect system that lets you control security and any Honeywell Home system with your phone also view cameras. If you want to incorporate Lighting control they have zwave devices you can install.

      Neighbor got a Vivint system that’s pretty nice and i think they offer home automation.but if your looking to do it yourself go with the Honeywell systems easy to install. I’m going to be adding reviews on alarm systems in the future on website.But not there yet.Hope this helps your decision.Thanks for the comments.


  3. What an interesting and important article. How safe are you? That’s a real question that got me wondering. For some reason I prefer the Audio security system as it can scare an intruder away unlike the video where someone can walk away without you noticing unless there was someone watching. Thanks a lot for this post.

    1. Thank you for you comments on my post. There’s nothing like it. Sonitrol is working on a new Audio sensor that there going to implement a camera into it. So not only would you get the sound but view was causing it. Game changer for sure in the near future. Thanks again for your feedback. Appreciated.

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